Birthday Balloon Decoration

Birthday Balloon Decoration

Elevate Your Celebration: Stunning Birthday Balloon Decor Ideas for Parties

Balloon decorations plays a significant role in elevating the celebratory atmosphere of birthday parties, bringing brightness and passion into the occasion. These inflatable wonders go beyond mere decoration; they create an engaging and lively atmosphere. Whether in the form of balloon arches, bouquets, or themed installations, they transform ordinary venues into remarkable settings, introducing a sense of fun and excitement to the celebration. The versatility of balloons for birthday party opens the door to limitless creative possibilities, enabling customization to specific themes and tastes.

Jocelyn Balloons recognizes the significance of customization and provides an array of creative designs and colour combinations that cater to clients’ specific tastes and party themes. Additionally, Jocelyn Balloons’ dedication to quality ensures that their decorations not only appear beautiful but also elevate the celebrations, resulting in a seamless and visually aesthetic birthday celebration that both hosts and guests will enjoy. Elevate your birthday festivities by turning ordinary venues into exceptional celebrations with birthday balloon decoration.

Variety of Balloon for Birthday Party Options

  • Character and Themed Balloons: Cater to certain occasions while providing a personalised touch.
  • Custom-Printed Balloons: Uniquely convey messages or mark noteworthy events.
  • Balloon Arches, Columns, and Bouquets: Display your creativity by constructing eye-catching backdrops or focal areas.
  • Giant Balloons: Make a dramatic statement by adding them to the birthday balloon decoration.
  • Helium Balloons: These amusing floating elements can be added to any event.

Looking for Balloon decorations for your child’s birthday party?

Frozen Theme for Jyeshi
Frozen Theme for Jyeshi

Balloons decorations have always been a must for all sorts of parties, especially children birthday parties.

Having balloons all around the party venue gives it a very celebrative mood.

Instead of just have plain round balloons around the venue, Jocelynballoons creates balloon artworks that suits your event.

If you ask us what can we do? Well… the sky’s the limit!

testimonial for Jocelynballoons

Beautiful balloon decor party packages

Jocelynballoons customizes the perfect balloons for birthday decorations for your party. Feel free to drop us a call at 91914112, and we can discuss over the phone or WhatsApp to plan for your party. And of course, we have a list of balloon decorations for you to choose from.


{NOW $380} *$450

1. One hour Jocelyn Wonderland Balloon Sculpting (Up to 20 kids)

2. One Balloon Display (Design will be planned by Jocelyn)

+$30 for a special balloon for your birthday child! Popular choices are Elsa, Anna, Paw Patrol and My Little Pony characters! But it can be anything your child wants! 🙂

Requirement: Do let us know your theme, so we can design it accordingly.

Note: Setup from 11am onwards, if earlier set up is required, there will be a $50 extra charge

Dismantling from 11am – 7pm, if any earlier or later is required, there will be a $50 extra charge

Balloon sculpture-girl With a Horse
Example of Balloon Display


{NOW $350} *UP $400

1. One hour Standard Balloon Sculpting

2. A pair of columns (Star OR Heart)

Requirement: Columns must be placed indoor
Note: Setup from 11am onwards, if earlier set up is required, there will be a $50 extra charge
Dismantling from 11am – 7pm, if any earlier or later is required, there will be a $50 extra charge
Corporate Balloon Columns
Corporate Balloon Columns


{NOW $850} *UP $1000

1. Standard Balloon Arch

2. Standard Balloon Columns

3. 100 Helium air filled balloons with Strings

– Free Setup!

– Free Delivery!

– Free Dismantling!

Note: Setup from 11am onwards, if earlier set up is required, there will be a $50 extra charge

Dismantling from 11am – 7pm, if any earlier or later is required, there will be a $50 extra charge

WhatsApp Image at

(For Birthdays/Weddings)

{NOW $1288} *UP $1500

1. Two Hours Instant Print Photo Booth (unlimited prints)

2. Balloon Backdrop (2m by 2.3m) (will use for photo booth)

3. One Life Size Wedding Couple/ One Balloon Display (1.2m)

Requirement: Must be indoors

Note: Setup from 10.30am onwards, if earlier set up is required, there will be a $50 extra charge

balloon wedding backdrop

WOW! Package

{NOW $1800} *UP $2300
1. Customised Balloon Backdrop (2.4m wide x 2m tall)

2. A pair of columns (1.7m height)

3. 100 Helium air filed balloons with strings

4. Customised 36″ Jumbo Air-Filled Balloons

– Free customised board name! (Worth $150)

– Free Set up and tear down!

– Free Delivery (Worth $30!)

Note: Setup from 10.30am onwards, if earlier set up is required, there will be a $50 extra charge

  • 2 hours of set up time
  • A theme for balloon backdrop
  • One Sentence for the bubble balloon
    eg; “Happy Birthday Ella!” or “Thank you for coming!”
  • Heart or Star top foil for the columns
  • 10 letter max for the board name

Balloon Backdrop for Birthday Parties

Balloon backdrops are ideal for photo-taking, as birthday decorations. It can be fully customized to your party’s theme. These are some of the designs we did for our satisfied clients.

jocelyn guanliang with sheep balloon backdrop

Balloon Arch for Kids Birthday Party Entrance

Balloon Arches are great entrance displays to welcome your guests! It sets the mood right for your event. Upon approaching the venue, the guests can straight away identify the party and the party’s theme. This is also one of the most sought after Balloon decoration for a birthday party. They are awesome for photo-taking as well.

Balloon arches Designs & Inspirations:

frozen theme balloon archrainbow balloon arch

The lists of other balloon decorations include balloon columns, balloon standees/displays & also custom Life-size balloon sculptures. We also do Shopping Mall Displays using balloon art.

balloon pirate ship

For four consecutive years, we were also invited to decorate Mr PM Lee’s residence for Chinese New Year Celebration.

Jocelynballoons 3rd year for Mdm Ho

What would Balloon Decoration for Birthday Party be able to do?

Maybe you think balloons for birthday parties are just plain old-fashioned designs on the simple forms and ornamentation of coloured balloons that you may get. Still, you will be amazed after seeing the original concepts and designs of exceptional balloon décor by Jocelyn Balloons.

Balloons are an essential part of every celebration, whether you need balloon decoration for a birthday party or it is about room decoration with balloons. Hire our Balloon Decoration Singapore services to make your event stand out.

Why choose us for Room Decoration with Balloons?

If you need balloon decoration services in Singapore for a child’s party, a wedding shower, or an official gathering, we can help. Balloons have risen to the top of the list of the most popular event dĂ©cor themes in the twenty-first century. Balloon decor is popular among newlyweds in Singapore, where it is often reserved for festivities such as birthday parties, festivals, and religious rituals.

You may rely on to provide you with excellent balloon decoration in Singapore. We can make any balloon design you like. We’ll take care of it. Our team will work on it and try our best to surpass your expectations. This means you may use balloons and your imagination to customise any decorations.

The dragon, automobiles, toys, stage design, greeting booth, and balloon arch are all examples of inflated balloon design. Make no fear of your lovely balloon decoration being popped or damaged by youngsters since it is composed of solid rubber and substance and won’t be destroyed so easily by them.

What if you’ve grown tired of the same old styles of the Balloon for Birthday Party?

On special days, you may choose from various filled balloons, including helium gas balloons, water balloons, powder balloons, and more. Take advantage of this low-cost helium balloon party while you can. At the very least, you should give it a try. We can ensure that you or your clients will be delighted with our balloon-themed ideas for your event. Choose our themed Balloon for birthday party.


lego balloon man


balloon decoration

Thank you for reading! Contact us now and let’s make your event happen! 🙂