Balloon Dresses

The Art of Balloon Dresses, by modern Artists

Black Butterfly Concept
Black Butterfly Concept

It was gaining popularity back in the 1980s. Balloon artists from all over the world started experimenting making dresses with 160 and 260 twisting balloons. Twisting balloons are also known as the magic balloons. Do you know that the initial weaving methods such as the flat weaves were actually methods of weaving baskets with a pine needle? It was to achieve cloth like materials but with balloons. Further methods were then innovated along the way. Later in the 1990a, artists start to create interesting balloon dresses weaving techniques that can only be achieved by latex balloons. Artists are no longer restricted to just one style of balloon dress making. One of the best modern balloon dress maker by the name of Rie Hosakai, is the inspiration of many artists in the world. We created many techniques and styles of making balloon dresses which is both modern and refined. Another well known balloon artist Marie, owns a very high reputation in the field. Her facebook page is very regularly update. Check out her stunning balloon dresses, concepts and unique ideas!

Our Singapore Books of Record

Jocelynballoons set a record of the longest balloon dress back in May 2014.

longest balloon dress

Contact us for opportunity of collaboration of balloon dress commercial photo-shoots, fashion photo-shoots and events. We cater to wedding photo-shoots and other forms of studio photography projects as well.

Together with balloon artist Jazz Ang, we came out with a series of fashion shoots with local models.

Tones of Blue Concept

Model: Clarice Wong

We did a short interview with Clarice on her first experience wearing the balloon dress, made by Jazz. Interview was done by our great pal Norvin. Venue sponsor: Little Red Balloon Events


Red Fantasy

Model: Sherry Siau

balloon dresses in red

Blue Basic Dress

Model: Chrissa Ng

Goth Series

Model: Jerlinda

Living in my dream

Model: Yifan Liu

w4 - balloon dress

“The art of balloon sculpting is not just for kids. Balloon sculpting art is for all ages.” – Jocelyn Ng