Birthday Party Balloon Mini Decoration

Beyblade Theme Balloon Decoration for Birthday Parties

We are so glad that we are back here again! Today, we are celebrating Jayde’s 7th Birthday!

His theme for his 7th birthday is Beyblade! Doing balloon for so long (10 years), this is the first time I am doing a Beyblade theme! I won’t say is easy to do a Beyblade, but actually, it requires more than just a balloon for the base of the Beyblade.

We use some foam board to make the base of the Beyblade. The Beyblade, we are Lucifer Mobius Beyblade. We even did birthday boy favorite character, Valt Aoi from Beyblade. I really love how the face turns out.

A regular balloon arch will be too big for a house balloon decoration. So we did a balloon table arch to save space!

We customize accordingly to out client theme and any theme can be done!