Balloon Sculpting

Japanese Doll Balloon Sculpture

This was the original doll that was sent from our client We designed this doll using balloons as seen in the pictures below. Our client wants to do this Japanese kimono doll for her niece because she look just like this cute little Japanese doll!

Balloon Sculpture Fox in Socks by Dr Seuss

We did this on request of a client. She wanted a 1.2m height Fox in socks but after assemble everything, it is about 1.4m height. It took me 4 hours to do up everything. The most difficult part is the head, as the shape is super unique. I have never read Dr. Seuss’s book before. But the character is super […]

Special Balloon Sculpting for Your Kid Party?

Have you ever thought of getting something more special rather than the usual balloon sculpting you hired before? This is what we called “Cartoon Bracelet Balloon Sculpting“. Imagine your guests getting something more interesting than usual. What make it more value is that, these balloon sculptures can be wear on the wrist. Not as bulky as the usual balloon sculptures. […]

Your Child Will Have So Much Fun, And You Don’t Have To Spend A Bomb!

Balloon sculpting has always been the most popular entertainment for children birthday parties. You could almost find balloon decorations or balloon twisters in almost all birthday parties you’ve attended. Well balloons have always symbolize celebrations and happy occasions, therefore it is something not to be missed out in a party! Hello Everyone! My name is Jocelyn Ng, and i¬†provide balloon […]