SG Books of Records

On the 1st May 2014, Jocelynballoons held her own private event at Furama City Centre Level 5 Ballroom.

History: Jocelyn Ng and Jazz Ang founded JocelynBalloons back in 2010. The first year kicks off tough, & in 2011 we managed to formed a bigger team.
2011 to 2013 was full of challenges but was also 2 glory years. As the team grew, we handled bigger projects, earn better money, and improve to better skills. We had a office, now 2 warehouses, full fledged equipments and a handful of professional standard artists working hand in hand. All of these could happen because we chose not to give up from the start when everyone looked down on us.

The SG books of record:

longest balloon dress
The longest balloon dress. The dress took 3 manpower, 7.5 man-hours to complete. Jocelyn is the main designer of the dress, and i thought she did a fantastic job. The impressive details are in the weaving techniques, precision of the dress bubbles and “cuttings”. The “V” shaped bare back was a bold and impressive attempt. We are proud to set a National Record, measuring 6 metres from head to tail!


Finally, non of these can be achieve without people… people like all of you. You guys who were invited to come down for this event, Jocelynballoons sincerely thank every single one of you! Our professional artists, magicians, part timers, models, decoration team and event companies, thank you! Loves!

Specially thanks to Markson Chua, Norvin Ong, Toby and Bertram Yang for “working” despite attending the event.