Wedding Balloon Decor

Wedding Balloon Decor

wedding balloon decorations

Wedding balloon decorations – The Balloon Couples Sculpture

Jocelyn specializes in doing exquisite balloon sculptures. One of her signature balloon design is the wedding couples. It comes in 2 different sizes; Life size (approximately 1.2 meter in height), table size (50cm). Life size wedding couple can be displayed anywhere in the wedding venue, it serves as a balloon decoration for any wedding theme. The table sized ones are best displayed on reception tables. Balloon decorations for wedding reception ideas can also be found on our site! Designs can also be placed on balloon columns and then display at the door step/entrance.

wedding balloon backdrop

wedding balloon decorations

Balloon designs for Weddings – Balloon Arch, Balloon Columns, Balloon Backdrops and Balloon Wedding Couples

Beautifully crafted balloon artworks specially designed for weddings receptions and wedding ballrooms. Jocelynballoons specializes in wedding balloon decorations of all ranges. From wedding photo-shoots to the actually wedding event decorations. We are able to custom make balloon designs to suit any kind of wedding. Jocelyn and team had also done wedding proposal concepts for clients. Give us a call at 91914112 for further inquiries.

Wedding balloon decorations – The Balloon Arch

When it comes to balloons for wedding in singapore, a balloon arch is a must have. Balloon arches are used as a welcome walk-way for family and guests. Definitely not really suitable for wedding reception. The possibility of themes and designs are endless. We are able to customize by color themes, balloon wordings and even sculpted characters. Plan with us your budget and ideal design and we will work out the best entrance balloon decor for your wedding!

Our Wedding Balloon Designs Gallery – Balloon decorations for wedding

Throughout the years, Jocelynballoons had been focusing on children birthday parties as well as wedding balloon decorations. This gallery showcases all the balloon artwork done by Jocelyn and her team. We hope you can browse through and enjoy the photos!


These are some photos taken by our artists and client. With permission from them, we present to you the instagram photos with love!

A little about balloon decorations history

Balloon decorations could have started when balloons are first introduced in the early 20s. From our research, the early places where balloons can be found is in the 3 major amusement parks in Singapore. The “Great World”, “New World” and “Happy World”. There were circus performances and balloons were used as a decoration medium.


One of the most important things at a wedding is the décor. When decorating for a party, it’s more than just choosing the right colours and placing the perfect bouquet. Adding wedding balloon decor to the decor is a growing trend in the wedding industry, and we couldn’t be happier. Event planners always develop new and inventive ways to use balloons, whether as ceremony backdrops, ceiling decorations, or as a dessert bar.

Balloon decoration can be used to enhance the entrance to the banquet hall, frame the head table, or provide a fairy-tale touch for the cake table. You can never go wrong with wedding balloon decor, whether you want a specific colour scheme or various colours. With the appropriate selection of balloons, you can transform your wedding decor into a trendy celebration without breaking the bank, which is the best part.

Here are some wedding balloon decor ideas that you’ll enjoy.


Jocelynballoons started operation in 2007. Jocelyn’s favorite sculptures was always the roses and balloon dolls. Working align with her strength in making lovely balloon sculptures, we moved into wedding balloon decorations. Her balloon wedding couples are of high demand in current market during wedding seasons.

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