Wedding Emcee

singapore wedding emcee sylvia

Why hire a Wedding Emcee?

“Getting a professional wedding emcee is to get an insurance against the unknown during your wedding banquet.” An experienced emcee also creates an Experience and Memory that will Last Forever.

Emcee Sylvia

Sylvia being a bilingual emcee has been coined as the emcee who brings wedding events to ‘LIVE”! She’s a pioneer in reminding our local couples here on the importance of getting a professional emcee for their wedding celebrations. Sylvia sets the mood and ensure that your guests have a great time! The right Emcee elevates wedding events to a higher level and creates memories that last forever. 

Watch this video:


Singapore female emcee, Sylvia Tham, began hosting events when she was 18. She is effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin, and also described as one of the BEST Cantonese emcee. Watch her switch with ease and deliver stage presence fluently and effectively between these three different languages.

Armed with an Honors degree, Sylvia is full of energy and professionalism. She is eloquent, witty and classy. Aside from her talent in Emceeing, Sylvia is also an accomplished singer, having won many singing competitions,making her an all-rounded entertainer too.

The combination of her personality and her presence of mind on stage ensures that the events she hosts not only run like clockwork, but are also memorable. With her radio DJ experience, it adds another dimension to her skills as a female emcee in Singapore. She is able to use her distinctive radio voice to connect with every target audience, making every word and message count. Sylvia work closely with every event partner/client and is always mindful of putting the client best interests first.

Whether it is a formal corporate dinner, weddings, voice over recordings or exciting and interactive roadshow, you can rest assured your event is in good hands!

Book her before all the dates are blocked out. (no Joke)